The classification of coherent cells of rank 6

Wim H. Hesselink, May 2011

The 214 classes of coherent cells are given each by one representative. They are numbered consecutively. The number is followed by the weighted histogram. In the second line, we give a graph for the cell generated by the program, characterized by the number of ports, the number of vertices and a list of edges. The ports are the nodes with numbers < 6. The other numbers are internal vertices.

The largest graph is Gra6nr145. This was also the most difficult graph to find. For the classes 132, 133, 145, and 152, we have not been able to find graphs. Decomposition does not help for them, because these classes are original. There are 8 pairs of cells for which the weighted histograms are the same: 132-133, 144-145, 150-151, 158-159, 164-165, 167-168, 169-170, 182-183.