Nonatomic Dual Bakery Algorithm with Bounded Tokens

This is joint work with Alex A. Aravind. It concerns a mutual exclusion algorithm in which the threads (or processes) communicate by bounded nonatomic shared variables. It is a variation of Lamport's bakery algorithm (1974) and Taubenfeld's black-white bakery algorithm (2004). The algorithm has appeared in:
A.A. Aravind, W.H. Hesselink: Nonatomic Dual Bakery Algorithm with Bounded Tokens. Acta Informatica 48 (2011) 67-96.

There are three PVS proof scripts: one that proves mutual exclusion for a version of the algorithm with atomic variables, a second one in which vulnerable information is spread over more shared variables (which are still atomic), and a third one in which all shared variables are allowed to be safe instead of atomic. This version also contains a full proof of liveness under weak fairness. You can use PVS to inspect them. First, gunzip the file. Start PVS, and undump the file. This gives files adbak*, hadbak*, or nadbak*. You can now inspect the files with extension pvs to see what is asserted, or call PVS to prove them.

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