Partial mutual exclusion for infinitely many processes

Partial mutual exclusion is the drinking philosophers problem for complete graphs. It is the problem that a process may enter a critical section CS of its code only when some finite set nbh of other processes are not in their critical sections. For each execution of CS, the set nbh can be given by the environment. We have posted this paper Partial mutual exclusion for infinitely many processes, with a starvation free solution of this problem in a setting with infinitely many processes, each with finite memory, that communicate by asynchronous messages. The solution has the property of first-come first-served, in so far as this can be guaranteed by asynchronous messages. For every execution of CS and every process in nbh, between three and six messages are needed. The correctness of the solution is argued with invariants and temporal logic. It has been verified with the proof assistant PVS; readers familiar with PVS can inspect and process the gzipped PVS dump file.

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Wim H. Hesselink

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