Waitfree linearization of an arbirary data object

Waitfree linearization was introduced by Herlihy in ACM TOPLAS in 1991. As I was not convinced of the correctness of the implementation Herlihy proposed, I developed a variation of his implementation together with a proof supported by the mechanical theorem prover NQTHM. The report about this work appeared in Distributed Computing in 1995. It described how I learned to use the prover, but it did not describe the logic of the proof. Moreover, my implementation assumed that the data object to be linearized was deterministic.

I am now (2024) redoing this work for an arbitrary (possibly nondeterministic) data object. A report is in preparation. It will describe the proofs in great detail. The proofs have been developed now with the proof assistant PVS. The PVS proof script is available.

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Wim H. Hesselink

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